Speak From Your Heart

The easiest way to be interesting is to be honest. —Scott Berkun

True or False?

Recently during an acting class I practiced giving a monologue in front of the class. The teacher instructed the students to raise their hands anytime they felt I was being false, and to put their hands down when they felt I was being truthful.

When I said my first line I tired to be “clever” and all the hands in the class shot up in the air. I was a bit taken back—that was not my expectation.

Engaging the Heart

pic-red-heartI took a breath and re-grouped. I opened my heart and let myself speak spontaneously, from my gut. All the hands lowered.

Anytime during the monologue that I got back into my head, the hands went up. When I spoke more impulsively and intuitively, the hands went down.

It was a big learning experience. I realized when I over-think my delivery, it gets in a way of connecting with people.

Creating a Deeper Audience Connection

pic-hands-innerlockedGiving a presentation has a lot in common with giving an audition. Whenever you try too hard, or you try to impress, or you try to be clever, most likely, you will fail to connect.

You are at your best and most appealing, when you let your guard down and speak honestly. People will want to hear more.

If you want a deeper connection with your audience, get out of your head and into your heart. Not only is it more honest, it’s also more interesting.

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