April 5, 2015



Craig-Kinzer_120x2“I have found Jean to be intuitive and creative. Her insightfulness lends a new dimension to what I am attempting to convey. When she offers her suggestions and thoughts, I always come away with a better product than when I started.”

— Craig Kinzer, CEO & Founder, Kinzer Real Estate Services


“When our staff needed an expert to facilitate an educational workshop on the power of public speaking and storytelling, only one name emerged on the short list: Jean Hamilton. We definitely made the right choice as our entire team gave her rave reviews. Jean has a talent for presenting what many people fear in a very fun, engaging and approachable way. We are so thankful to Jean for sharing her skills with our group.”

–Jeannette Tarcha, V.P. of Communications & Marketing, Make-A-Wish® Alaska & Washington

JenniferPotter_120x“Working with Jean Hamilton is one of the best things I have ever done.”



–Jennifer Potter, former President & CEO, Initiative for Global Development

Eric-Nelson_120x“My work with Jean Hamilton has helped me understand the power of stories in our communication and it has made me much more effective in engaging with others in a meaningful way. My individual work with her led to her working with our entire executive team with remarkable results. If you wish to enhance your communication skills, I highly recommend Jean’s personalized approach. ”

–Eric Nelson, CPCU, CIC; President & CEO, Mutual of Enumclaw

Maureen-West_new_120x“It has been a wonderful and affirming experience to work with Jean Hamilton. Her support, insights and feedback enabled me to refine and build up my confidence in speaking and >communicating professionally. Jean is a brilliant listener and her feedback often becomes my mantra. Her coaching has definitely contributed to my professional success.”

–Maureen West RN, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington Bothell & SPU

jeff-hoffman_120x“I hired Jean in early 2012 to utilize her expertise in public speaking and presentation skills. She worked with myself and two members of my staff. She did a fantastic job in guiding us to become more self aware of how we are presenting ourselves during group presentations and speeches. She did this through video taping, insightful discussions and the encouragement of honest self assessment.

It resulted in a tremendous growth for all three of us in our own personal development as it relates to our speaking and presenting skill set. We were all greatly rewarded as a result of the time we spent with Jean. In fact I will be utilizing Jean’s services next year to coach some of my other staff members on public speaking plus utilize Jean’s expertise as a business consultant and coach.”

–Jeff Hoffman, VP/General Manager, Baxter Manufacturing

Jennifer-Louden_120x-“Jean helped me break through my old patterns and give one of the best speeches of my life. Thank you for your kind attention and great ideas. Even after 16 year speaking, I can improve!”

–Jennifer Louden, Speaker & Trainer

“With the support of Jean Hamilton I was able to present like I never have before. The immense communication and public speaking skills I learned were some of the most incredible and life changing lessons I will keep with me forever. Jean’s scholarship allowed me to reach my fullest potential as a speaker and for that I am forever grateful.”

–Jessica Markowitz, Founder, Richard’s Rwanda

Matt_Harris1200x“I worked with Jean Hamilton of Speaking Results to help me improve my presentation skills. I was so happy with her work that I hired her to do a 4-day training for my entire executive team. The reviews were stellar. So were the results. We had an important set of executive presentations with a large customer the following day, and my team’s presentations were, across the board, outstanding. The customer agreed. If you want a great ROI, I suggest hiring Jean.”

–Matt Harris, CEO, iLoop Mobile

“About 10 years ago I had the pleasure of working with Jean Hamilton on my presentation skills. I found her coaching extremely helpful. In fact, to this day before I give a talk I practice what I learned in those sessions with Jean.”

–Bill Clapp, Board President, Seattle International Foundation

“I worked with Jean Hamilton of Speaking Results to prepare me for testifying to Congress. Afterwards many people told me my testimony was refreshing and engaging. It was a big success in large part to my work with Jean.”

–Ted Sturdevant, Director, WA State Dept of Ecology

“Jean Hamilton is brilliant. I am so grateful for her exquisite coaching. Everything she suggested, or told me to do, worked beautifully. Thank you a million times over!”

–Mary Fredrickson, Professor, Miami University

“Jean Hamilton is a gifted coach and an enthusiastic teacher. Her approach is holistic, so that we experienced a comprehensive method for improving communication skills: from content to body language, from voice tone to what to do with our hands, Jean covered it all!”

—Ellen Cole, Director of Communications, PATH

“I met with Jean Hamilton prior to an important presentation. Her amazing insight, positive approach and depth of knowledge made it possible for me to create a powerful message while utilizing my personal style. Her work as a coach represented the finest aspects of that word. I felt supported, yet challenged to be the best I could be, with her teaching of new skills and feedback. I have never felt so “on” and connected with an audience before I did the night of my presentation. I can say, with certainty, that this was made possible by Jean.”

–Michelle Munro, Board President, Summit Assistance Dogs

“Jean Hamilton worked with a patient speaker for a fundraiser and her coaching made all the difference in the world. The large % increase in gross revenue this year over last had nothing to do with the economy, it had way more to do with the emotion of the moment and effectiveness of the speaker. Nice work Jean!”

–Tom C., Board member for non-profit organization

 “Jean Hamilton’s coaching has been transformational. In the past, I avoided presentations at all costs. By helping me discover my unique style, I now actually enjoy giving presentations!”

–Rena Bilodeau, VP, Human Resources, Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company

 “After working with Jean Hamilton, I have used my much improved presentation skills many, many times, with the good result of several committed investors.”

–Mark Stronach, Principal, Equita Capital LLC

“Jean is a wonderful speech coach and has helped me on several occasions with great results.”

Leslie Helm, Editor, Seattle Business Magazine

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Jean Hamilton. I had had a significant amount of experience speaking in public as a practicing attorney, but when I was appointed Director of the Department of Ecology, I felt I needed to improve several aspects of my public speaking and communications. I asked Jean to help with little knowledge of her approach or whether we would work together well.”

“I am happy to report that working with Jean has greatly improved my public speaking. She has instilled in me great confidence as a communicator and has made me realize that any public communication is about the message and the audience — and not about the speaker. I feel much more comfortable in difficult communication scenarios and am able to focus much more completely on the substance of the communication and the extent to which I am connecting with the audience, rather than on my comfort, or lack thereof, in the situation.”

“Jean is incredibly talented and insightful. She had me figured out in our first session and proceeded to provide recommendations, practice pointers and “calming devices” all of which have made me a significantly better and more comfortable speaker. I highly recommend Jean Hamilton to anybody who wants to improve their ability to communicate.”

Jay J. Manning, Director, Washington State Department of Ecology

“I worked with Jean in the weeks prior to several professional presentations and fundraising speeches. She worked hard with me to help identify the issues that were getting in the way of my being more effective as a public speaker. Jean providing great practical advice and support, aided by video analysis and visualization techniques. Throughout, she was strongly focused on helping me get the most out of our sessions, tackling the issues we agreed were most pressing, using approaches we agreed would be most useful. Most importantly, I felt more comfortable during my real-world speaking events and received great feedback from my audiences. Definitely check Jean out if you find yourself less comfortable or less effective than you want to be as a public speaker.”

J. Lipsky, Attorney, Cascadia Law

“I had used other speech coaches but Jean was the one who really helped me get comfortable with how I spoke in front of an audience. She made it easy for me and as a result, I am much better at public speaking. The biggest thing she taught me is that I needed to speak with my voice and not try to change my delivery to match what I mistakenly thought was an accepted method of public speaking. She is very easy to work with and I would recommend her highly. I have recommended her to a number of people.”

Jeanne Anderson, former Executive Director, Foundation for Early Learning

“Jean Hamilton helped me hone my personal message, not just the words, but the delivery and entire package so that it was effective. The most consistent feedback I received after my speech was that “I’d hit it out of the ball park”. I would not have been nearly as successful without Jean’s assistance. Plus it was a delight to work with her. The skills I learned were invaluable for the speech we worked on, and are transferable to all future speaking engagements.”

Lori Heim MD, former Chief of Medical Staff, McChord AFB

“Jean Hamilton’s coaching is extraordinary!” It goes way beyond the mechanics of public speaking, and enables you to discover a deeper, more authentic level of self- expression. I had several “Aha’s” during my 1st session with Jean that will have a profound impact on the success of my business. I only wish I had not waited so long.”

Tama Borriello, Financial Planner

“Jean Hamilton’s coaching is one of the most effective training programs our firm has brought in to help its lawyers develop their professional skills.

The communication and presentation skills that her coaching teaches are invaluable.”

Jennifer Sanscrainte, Associate Attorney, Short Cressman

“Jean Hamilton is a true master at her art! I hired Jean to train some of my clients on creating rapport and presentation skills, to help them build their financial practices. The reviews were terrific! I know I brought a lot of value by hiring Jean!”

Karen Satterberg, Alliance Capital

“Working with Jean Hamilton, boosted my confidence and was definitely a life changing event. Thanks Jean, for your assistance in helping me reach my potential.”

Scott Davies, Associate Treasure, University of Washington

“Working with Jean Hamilton is the smartest thing I have ever done.”

Susan Sigl, Venture Capitalist

“After working with Jean Hamilton, our interview team is speaking with much more confidence and enthusiasm.

They are able to focus on the content of their presentation without showing any worry about being in front of a group of people.

We are making great progress and could not have done it without Jean’s assistance.”

Bill Hawkins, Construction Services Manager, CH2M HILL

“I have found Jean to be a great assistance to me in developing my speaking skills”

Chris Liddell, former Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft