April 5, 2015

How We Work

Flexible approach

At Speaking Results, customizing and personalizing your program is the soul of what we do. We know that every client is different and there is no single program, no textbook, no “Six Easy Steps…” that we can prescribe for all. We make sure that all of our training and coaching meets your unique needs. And we have the depth of experience to change the mix as you grow and develop.

Speaking Results 3-Step Approach is structured to improve your communication skills, yet flexible enough to suit your individual needs.

1. Start from the Inside Out

Your attitude and confidence level have an enormous impact on the success of your communication skills, and ultimately on your financial and emotional success. We begin work on your fears and any other limiting thoughts that hold you back. Our internal work is influenced by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which provides simple tools for making big changes. We listen carefully and teach you new skills that will lead to increased clarity and improved results. NLP is also effective for overcoming anxiety, increasing self-esteem, or relieving stress (a common woe of executives!).

2. Develop Your Own Material

The best presentations are filled with the unique qualities of the presenter. We encourage you to bring your whole self to your presentations-your humor, your personality, and your history. We listen to your stories and help you effectively weave them into your message. By using this method, more of “who you are” emerges through your distinct style. As you own your material, it gains authenticity and honesty that wins your audience.

3. Work on Your External Skills

We teach you the skills necessary to communicate with excellence and finesse. Besides traditional speech training, Jean’s background in theater and dance gives her the ability to effectively help you improve your voice, increase your sense of grace, and enhance your body language so that your audience can see you, hear you, and absorb your message.

Finally, we use video taping as a tool to let you see for yourself how well you are doing and where you can improve your hand gestures, posture, and general body language. We offer supportive feedback with our comments and video playback. Then we work with you to identify and implement desired changes and develop a plan to accomplish them.

This package also may include:

  • Physical, verbal and vocal exercises to strengthen and develop your presentation “instrument.”
  • Interview sessions to help you uncover your own stories.
  • NLP exercises, visualization, and relaxation techniques to work on clarity, calmness, and confidence.

Whether you are new to presenting, or an established presenter wanting to polish your skills, our coaching allows you to discover and unleash your highest potential.

Please read our articles to get a better sense of the nuts and bolts of how we work. And take a look at the Testimonials to see what our clients say about Speaking Results.

When you work with us, you get Results.

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