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Jean Hamilton, premier public speaking coach, based in Seattle, WA, is a trusted adviser to CEO’s, Executives, and Leaders from a wide range of industries. She offers private coaching and group sessions to develop presentation, communication, and leadership skills. Her diverse background in presentations, coaching, storytelling, acting and improvisation give you the tools you need to take your skills to the next level.

Jean Hamilton

Founder and Principal of Speaking Results


  • "I hired Jean Hamilton of Speaking Results to train for my entire executive team. The reviews were stellar.  So were the results. If you want a great ROI, I suggest hiring Jean."

    • Matt Harris
    • CEO
    • Archer, Inc.
  • "My work with Jean Hamilton has helped me understand the power of stories in communication and has led to her working with our entire executive team with remarkable results.”

    • Eric Nelson
    • President and CEO
    • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • “Jean Hamilton is brilliant.  I am so grateful for her exquisite coaching.  Everything she suggested, or told me to do, worked beautifully.  Thank you a million times over!”

    • Mary Fredrickson
    • Professor
    • Miami University
  • "Working with Jean Hamilton is the smartest thing I have ever done."

    • Susan Sigl
    • Venture Capitalist
  • "I worked with Jean Hamilton of Speaking Results to prepare me for testifying to Congress. Afterwards many people told me my testimony was refreshing and engaging."

    • Ted Sturdevant
    • Director of WA State Dept of Ecology
  • “Jean Hamilton’s amazing insight, positive approach and depth of knowledge made it possible for me to create a powerful message while utilizing my personal style. I had never felt so "on" and connected with an audience.”

    • Michelle Munro
    • Board President of Summit Assistance Dogs
  • "Working with Jean Hamilton boosted my confidence and was definitely a life changing event. Thanks Jean, for your assistance in helping me reach my potential."

    • Scott Davies
    • Associate Treasurer
    • University of Washington
  • "Jean helped me break through my old patterns and give one of the best speeches of my life. Even after 16 year speaking, I can improve!"

    • Jennifer Louden
    • Speaker and Trainer

Jean Hamilton

Founder and Principal of Speaking Results

Give the speech of your life

With Speaking Results presentation coaching you will learn how to:

  • Speak in public with confidence
  • Create a clear, concise message
  • Tell stories that engage your audience
  • Develop a strong leadership presence
  • Connect with your audience
  • Communicate credibility and authenticity

Tips for Giving A Great Presentation

How To Tell Great Stories

Learn how to bring your stories to life. Bring in dialogue and vocal variety to become the characters in your story. Let your audience see your story as it unfolds.

Overcome Fear of Speaking

Whatever you focus on gets stronger, so focus on how you want to look, feel and sound. Think about how your material benefits your audience. When you tap into your passion, fear takes a back seat.

Leap Into Your Full Potential

When you let go of doubts and insecurities, you learn how to trust and accept yourself. When you allow yourself to be fully present, you are able to perform to your full potential.

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