Create a Captivating Presence

I’m a big fan of the singing competition show “The Voice.” I love to witness people striving to be their best, and I love watching coaches help them grow. All of the contestants on the show are incredible singers, but there is one person, Judith Hill, that is in a league of her own. Every week I look forward to her performance and every week she nails it. Besides being an amazing singer, she exudes charisma and stage presence.

Here are some things I have noticed that set her apart. (This can be applied to anytime you are in front of a group–you don’t have to be singing.)

1. Judith is 100% committed and focused to every second of her performance. Every pore of her says that there is no place she would rather be, than singing for all of us.

2. She  plays with phrases. She’s often unpredictable in her timing. She keeps us on our toes as we listen to her. She takes her time and enjoys the pause. In one song, an extended pause was the most memorable moment of the song.

3. She’s comfortable in her body and she knows without a shadow of a doubt she belongs on that stage. She’s obviously having the time of her life. When she enjoys herself, it makes the audience feel good.

The next time you have to present in front of a group, take some lessons from Judith Hill. Be committed to every moment of your talk. Play with your timing and enjoy the pause. Know that you belong on the stage, and most of all, enjoy yourself. Incorporate these lessons, and watch yourself transform to a captivating speaker!

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